Keelung Travel Guide

19 May

Welcome to Keelung (Jilong)!

On this page, you will find information about Keelung’s attractions, hotels, restaurants, and transportation. This city is located in the northeastern part of Taiwan. It has a population of around 387,000 people.

Keelung is Taiwan’s main amphibious shipping port, lying just north of Taipei. It offers a lot of the type of things you might expect from a shipping town – fish markets, islands, seaside sights.

Keelung Attractions – Things to do in Jilong

The Miaokou Night Market is a top spot for tourists, assuming you’re not sick of night markets yet. The Waimu Shan Seashore and park offer a long strip of some really scenic views of the sea, and at the end of the path you’ll encounter a small but pleasant sandy beach. Keelung also has one of Taiwan’s largest Mazu Temples, a tribute to the goddess once thought to rule the sea.

As a coastal shipping center, Keelung has also served as the center of a number of forts that one power or another has used to hold onto the important city. If military history is your thing, you can check out Gongzih Liao Fort, Ershawan Fort, Dawulun Fort, Baimiwong Fort and Shihciouling Fort, all built during the Chinese Qing Dynasty to safeguard Keelung and Taiwan from foreign powers.

Fish lovers will be interested in making a stop at Kanziding Fish Market, one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the north of Taiwan. Getting a scenic view of Keelung and the Pacific Ocean can be done at Heping Island, which is just off the coast of Taiwan and has a connecting bridge. The park at Heping Island has some cool geological features, like weirdly-shaped eroded rocks. Fishing and diving can also be done from the island.

Finally, it should be noted that, while not part of Keelung, Jiufen is quite close and is one of the main tourist attractions in Taiwan. It is a historical mining town that has been preserved as a market center, but it is still great place to get the feel of Taiwan as it might have been hundreds of years ago.

Eating in Keelung
You won’t have trouble finding good Keelung restaurants. The entire area around the port (between the train station and Miaokou Market) is packed with small Chinese eateries and traditional Taiwanese food stalls.

If you need to get your caffeine fix, there’s a Starbucks right across from the train station.

Miaokou Market is one of the most popular markets in Taiwan with good reasons. The place has really fresh seafood and most of it is affordable even by Taiwanese standard.

But Keelung market doesn’t only serves seafood. You’ll also be able to find most of the other popular Taiwanese snacks that you’ve seen in guidebooks like Chinese oyster omelet and Taiwan’s famed stinky tofu. Most of the food is really cheap at this popular Keelung market – a bowl of fried noodles will only cost you around 40NT$!

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