Maokong in Taipei

16 Dec

Visit Maokong in Taipei

Maokong is a region southeast of Taipei City, and is famous mostly for high-quality tea farming. A trip to Maokong is perfect if you’re looking to kick back and experiment with some unique flavors and varieties of the drink that put Chinese culture on the global map in the 17th century.

The Maokong area in Taipei lies up in the mountains and offers stunning views of Taipei City. Tea houses abound, selling and brewing what is grown locally. The experience of lying back in a Chinese-style tea house and looking on to Taipei 101 and the rest of the city is a distinct summary of what’s great about the place in general.

Hiking in Maokong, Taipei
Hiking is also part of the Maokong experience, and if you’re into the activity the many routes in the area offer a good contrast to the hyper-relaxation of the tea house. Expect lots of people on the hiking trails of Maokong during weekends. Also, late afternoon showers are very common in the mountains around Taipei, so make sure you bring rain gear with you.

Maokong Gondola
If the Maokong Gondola is running at the time you are in Taipei, you should definitely take it. The zip line puts you in a little carriage and carries you from the foot of the mountain where the Taipei Zoo is located and up into the tea house haven of Maokong, and for only NT$50. It’s a great ride that gives you some stunning views over Taipei.

Bottom line: Get off at MRT Taipei Zoo Station, take the Maokong Gondola (if it’s running) to find a plethora of tea shops, kick back with some locally grown brew and finish it off with a hike in the surrounding area.

Extra info about Maokong in Taipei

Getting to Maokong in Taipei
Take the Maokong Gondola from MRT Taipei Zoo Station. As the gondola is frequently closed or under repair, you can alternatively take the MRT to Taipei Zoo and take Bus #10 to Maokong. There is also always the option of taking a taxi, which will run about NT$300.

How to say it: mao kong
How much: Tea shops will charge around NT$200 for a nice warm pot of the locally-grown goods. Transportation will vary – a bus is NT$15, Makong Gondola will be NT$50, and a taxi will be NT$300 or more.
When to go: Morning or early afternoon will be the best time to take advantage of great views and hiking in the green hills of Maokong.

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