Nightlife in Taipei, Taiwan

9 May

Nightlife in Taipei, Taiwan
It’s midnight, and there’s more than night markets in the beautiful capital city of Taiwan

Nightlife in Taipei rivals that of just about any international city, except that it’s far cheaper than any of those other places. Nightclubs are bumpin, bars are lively, and there’s always KTV to change it up a bit. Here’s a quick rundown of where you should go after sundown.

Note: Entrance fees for Taipei clubs, bars and venues vary greatly based on whether there are special events or promotions going on. What we’ve listed here are general estimations but don’t be surprised if the cost is different when you make it there.

Pubs & Bars in Taipei

Saints and Sinners
Saints and Sinners is a sports bar with decent food. We recommended it as it’s one of few more western-style bars in Taipei that consistently has a good mix of locals and foreigners. Any major sporting events will be shown here.
Admission: Free entry
Address: No. 114- 116, Anhe Road, Section 2
MRT Liuzhangli Station

A swanky lounge bar in the Taipei 101 area, Barcode is cool because it’s free entry, but the drinks are pretty expensive. Anyway, a hip spot for the uppity Taipei crowd.
Address: No. 22 Songshou Rd.
MRT Taipei City Hall Station
Admission: Free entry, expensive drinks

Roxy Rocker
For the music lover, Roxy Rocker is a great stop. They might be short on guests from time to time, but the staff is great, the music is interesting, and the vinyl room in the back houses 10,000 records, from which you can pick for your own listening pleasure. Great Taipei nightlife option.
Address: No. 77 Heping E. Rd Sec. 1, B1
MRT Taipower Building Station Usually
Admission: free entry

Clubs & Discos in Taipei

The biggest, baddest club in Taipei is Luxy. It’s multiple floors go from all-out pop extravaganza to four-on-the-floor electronics to some more experimental stuff going on upstairs. It’s not that expensive, but it brings the biggest DJs and is the most famous club in the city. You can’t go wrong going at the Luxy. It’s the best nightlife venue in Taipei, Taiwan, according to many travelers and long-term expats on the island.
Address: No. 201, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Sec. 4
MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station NT$300 entry

Another installation of the Roxy empire, Roxy99 is the choice for the younger, more international crowd. You may have never been to a club with so many nationalities present in your life. Be sure to check it out on Wednesday nights – you’ll get two free drinks and free entry.
Address: No. 218, Jinshan S. Rd., Sec. 2, B1
MRT Guting Station
Admission: NT$200 entry, free on Wednesdays

One of the most upscale clubs in Taipei, Spark is actually pretty much in the basement of Taipei 101. It’s not huge but it gets the job done if your task is to dance and drink and sweat.
Address: No. 45, Shifu Rd., B1 (Basement of Taipei 101)
MRT Taipei City Hall Station NT$600+ entry

Live Music Venues in Taipei

The Wall Live House
The Wall Live House is the top spot for alternative/indie rock acts. Performers vary between Asian rock stars from Japan or the mainland and local Taiwanese bands. Western bands make appearances every once in a while, too.
Address: No. 200, Roosevelt Rd., Sec. 4, B1
MRT Gongguan Station
Admission: Entry fee varies based on current act; check the website

Brown Sugar
A modern spin on the classic jazz club, Brown Sugar brings live jazz, soul and R&B acts to the Taipei 101 area of Taipei. Check it out if you want to lounge back to some grooves, but it can get a bit pricey.
Address: No. 101, Songren Rd.
MRT Taipei City Hall Station
Admission: Entry fee varies based on current act; check the website

It could only be called “Underworld,” the open-until-6am, always-saturated-with-cigarette-smoke venue in Shida. Underworld is the home of the harder side of local Taiwanese rock, specializing in metal, speed metal, thrash and all those other terms you may or may not know how to define.
Address: No. 45, Shida Rd.
MRT Taipower Building
Admission: Entry fee varies based on current act; check the website


Partyworld (Ximen)
One of the biggest chains in the city, Partyworld is generally considered the best bang for your buck. The branch in Ximen is huge and will fit your fancy.
Address: No. 55 Zhonghua Rd., Sec. 1
Open 24 hours

Taipei Night Markets

Nightlife in Taipei isn’t just about bars and discos. The city is also famous for its many night markets. If you’re only gonna have time for one night market in Taipei, visit Shilin Night Market in the northern part of the city. You can walk to Shilin Night Market from Jiantan MRT Station.
Shopping in Taipei

Shopping in Taipei is for some people the ultimate nightlife experience. Taipei is one of the top shopping destinations in the world with its world-class department stores, night markets, and traditional shops that sells ancient Chinese items. Read more about shopping in Taipei here.

Have fun partying, singing, or shopping in Taipei! Remember to leave your keys at home if you’re gonna be having more than a drink! Taxi’s are cheap in Taiwan. Have fun in Taiwan’s beautiful capital… Enjoy Taipei’s crazy nightlife!

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