Day Trips from Taipei

24 Mar

Not far from Taipei City are rural villages and natural wonders to explore. Take a ride on the Ping Hsi railway, bike in Bali or visit the historic district in Jiufen for a day.
Good for: Families, Groups, Seniors, Individuals
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Yehliu Geopark : A cape in Wanli, near Taipei, famous for its hoodoo stones, thin spires of rock formed by sedimentary stone. Many rock formations have creative names, including the most well-known “The Queen’s Head.”
Fee: Yes

Ping Hsi Branch Railway Line : Pass by farms and small rural villages outside of Taipei on this railway. A relaxing and scenic escape from the bustle of the city.
Fee: Yes

Bali Bike Trail : A 4 km bike trail along riverbanks is easy riding for families and seniors as well. Visit the wharf and Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology. Take a break at a local coffee
Fee: Yes

Chiufen : Famous Taipei Jiufen Old Street
Fee: Yes

Lin Ben-Yuan Family Abode and Garden : Experience the ancient traditions of Chinese landscaping with the majestic home of the Lin family. A pond, square pavilion and ornamental plants such as cypress, plum and bamboo adorn the majestic garden. Each Chinese New Year there is a chrysanthemum exhibit.
Fee: No


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