Weather in Taipei, Taiwan

2 May
Information about the weather and climate
of Taipei City, in Northern Taiwan

Most expatriates agree – the weather in Taipei, Taiwan can be pretty disagreeable. At the time of writing this article, the weather in Taipei is gorgeous. Sunny, no clouds in the sky, and cool-but-not-cold, warm-but-not-hot 26 degree Celcius.

Taipei = Hot + Humid
On the other hand, weather in the city generally toes the line between two detestable trends: rain and intensely humid heat. Summers are long and hot, characterized mostly by wet, sticky humidity. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can go from a fresh shower to a T-shirt drenched in sweat. Still, it’s not so bad. Lots of people like the humidity and air conditioners are everywhere.

Taipei = Rain
There’s still the issue of rain. Taipei is on the northern end of the island of Taiwan, and is thus more heavily influenced by regional monsoons. Summer monsoons bring rain like you’ve probably never seen before, though well-built infrastructure can usually prevent flooding in Taipei City proper. These monsoons are also characterized by “afternoon rain”, a sudden, vicious downpour that lasts for just about 20 minutes then cuts out.

Taipei Typhoons
Do your best not to get stuck outside in one of these.
Another important quality of weather in Taipei, Taiwan is the unavoidable typhoons. From June to October, Taipei gets nailed by the Pacific typhoon season, and each year there’s endless sensational news about some apocalyptic wind coming to wipe the island off the map.

Taipei Winters
Winters are short and can be a bit rainy, too. As there are very few indoor heaters outside of those in big shopping malls or fancy restaurants, you’ll want to dress warm. Winters are also short; the temperature rarely drops below 20 degree Celcius except during the months of January and February. Taipei still has four more or less distinct seasons, though spring and fall can tend to run into summer a bit.

More info about Taipei’s weather
I hope you found this article about the weather in Taipei, Taiwan helpful. For Taipei weather forecasts, visit Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau.

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